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  • Steph Delaporte

Why you need a Mortgage Broker

Our role as a Mortgage Broker is to guide you through the home loan journey and help you choose the right product or feature for you.

We work closely with a panel of lenders, from the big banks like Commonwealth Bank and ANZ, to the smaller lenders including Police and Nurses, and Uni Bank. We shop the home loan market for you and compare the products available that best suit your needs.

We stay on top of market trends and changing lender requirements, so you can be confident in the recommendations we provide. Even before you're ready to buy a home, we offer valuable support by explaining the home buying process and work with you to ensure you achieve your property goals.

How does a mortgage broker save you money?

Some people choose to stick with the bank they already have accounts with — but they could be missing out on a competitive home loan option elsewhere.

Brokers have up to date knowledge of the home loan market — different types of lenders, new loan options, the conditions attached to a low-rate loan, and more. This just means we can find competitive deals that are right for your needs, present you with the options, and help you avoid more expensive or unsuitable loans.

How does a mortgage broker help me secure loan approval?

As a home loan expert, mortgage brokers know what it takes to get your home loan application over the line with the right lender.

We’ll explain any steps you may need to take to tidy up your finances before applying for a loan and identify any possible red flags that could work against you. We've helped many others and know what to look for — chances are, we can find something you may have missed.

What do I need to prepare when meeting with a mortgage broker?

It’s never too early to start planning for your first or next home. If you’re at the very beginning of your home buying journey, just bring along a list of the questions you’d like to ask.

If you’re closer to buying a place of your own, it’s a good idea to gather banks statements, payslips and other necessary documents that will give us a better idea of where you stand financially. After reviewing your documents, we will also be able to explain any steps you could take to help your home loan application get the thumbs up with the right lender.

With the support of a mortgage broker, you’ll be well-placed to understand more about how buying a home works, and what you can do to start making your property goals a reality.

If you’re looking to buy your first home, purchase your next one, invest in property or refinance your current home loan we would love to help you achieve your home ownership. Get in touch with us today for a chat.


Image by Chris Ross Harris


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