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Did you know if you’re a qualified professional working in your relative industry, you can borrow 90% of the value of your property? 

We have access to several lenders who will lend 90% of the value of your property.  The mortgage insurance requirements generally associated with lending above 80% of the value of your property will also be waived, without any compromise to the interest rate.***


Perhaps your property has decreased in value and you want to revisit your finance options?  There’s no need to feel like you’re locked into your current bank.  


Are you a first home buyer?  This could help you to get into the real estate market sooner. 


Not enough equity?  You can take advantage and buy your dream home your salary can support.


Why not unlock the equity in your home and invest?  Not only will lenders offer 90% against your residence, they will look to lend you 90% for an investment property purchase.***


If you are in the Medical, Legal & Accounting profession contact us today to discuss qualifing conditions and eligibility, you may just be surprised!

***Lenders eligibility, terms and conditions apply

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